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Conversation Between Psycho and Tank Girl 13

  1. Psycho
    I'll be in the 1st ID area, probably from Wed. Morning 7 or 8 am. you can call me at 316-461-8317, or in the cafe during meal times, and of course I have to MC the SOP movie Wed night. I'll look for ya as well.
  2. Tank Girl 13
    Zeke and I are driving up Tues night. We will set up camp on Wed. He has some sales appointments for work during the day on Wed, so I will be hanging around camp and getting oriented. When will you be there?
    I am hoping that I will know some folks.....
  3. Psycho
    Hey dere Tank Girl. Hope to see ya next week.
  4. Tank Girl 13
    hey Psycho!
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