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Conversation Between Michael Copeland and Zeke

  1. Michael Copeland
    Tanks on the Southern end of the field use the Caen DZ as long as Caen is held by us; Northern tanks use Airfield dz
  2. Zeke
    Copeland do you know where the rules are for parking a tank and letting troops in and out?

    Also Axis tanks when eliminated, which DZs can we use this year?

    Thanks see you on Thursday.
  3. Michael Copeland
    Here is my address:
    2193 Arlie Moore Road
    Bismarck, Ar. 71929

    Thanks Zeke! I think I have some velcro to glue to the back of the patch.
  4. Michael Copeland
    Check the Military Surplus store over by PAK Plaza in Hot Springs. They had several types of MOLLE holsters in multicam when I was there Saturday.
  5. Michael Copeland
    I'm ready to go NOW!
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