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Conversation Between Michael Copeland and ka0s

  1. Michael Copeland
    lad to have you aboard. They have bumped the Allied AT numbers up to 45. Our tanks have ripped them a new one over the past few years & they have complained. Their complaining is why the tanks can't park anymore ... lol ... nice to know we get under their skin so much!
  2. ka0s
    OK Michael, made it official... registered myself & my son for the 21st Panzers. He's got 2-3 more friends that will be registering next week.
  3. Michael Copeland
    No, David Custer is the German Fieldmarshall. I am the retired 21st Panzer commander. How can I help you?
  4. ka0s
    Hey Michael, it's been a few years.... is Bill still heading up the German side?
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