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Game Questions

Can I take pictures or movies on the playing field?

You are allowed to take pics and movies for your own personal use, not for sale to others or redistribution. The Bunker, Inc. asks that you provide a courtesy copy of all pictures and video to the promoter.

Can I use night vision equipment for the night game?

Yes. However, you cannot remove your paintball mask for any reason while on the field. It is dangerous, and if a referee sees you, you will be told to leave the field. Our eyes and ears are very precious. Don't take a chance on loosing or damaging either.

When does the first game actually start?

H-Hour, Oklahoma D-Day will be 09:00 am Saturday. That is when 'Game On' is sounded. Germans will begin loading in the buses at 07:00 am, and other Special Forces units will load as early as 6:30 am. You MUST go through safety orientation to play, and that means you have to be there no later than Friday (Schedule of Events). There will be activities all week though that you can participate in that are included in your registration fee. Check the Schedule of Events page, and if you have any other questions let us know.

What are the boundaries?

The D-Day Map on this website will show you the playing field. The only boundaries are, not being able to use the camping area, or anything east of the playing field as a route of play. There will only be 3 entries onto the field. If you are caught using any other entrance to the field, you could be expelled from the game. The North and South fences are there, and if you go over them, you probably won't be playing much as that is very rough terrain.

What happens when I get shot?

You will be required to go to a 'Dead Zone'. You will then be recycled back into the game on the hour and 1/2 hour.

What team, unit will I be on?

If you pre-register, you can choose your unit. 1st to register, 1st choice. Once the units get full, we will start posting their unavailability. If you wait until you get here to register, you will be put in a unit that needs you. These selections will be random. But you can still have a great time no matter what team you’re on. It is best to pre-register, especially if you have a particular unit you would like to be in.

Will there be HPA/CO2 at the Dead zones, and to what PSI?

Yes, up to 4500psi at specific dead zones. We will have mobile air stations that fill to 3000 as well. These are marked on the D-Day Map.

Will there be ice and water available?

Yes. We are going to get an ice company truck so you can buy bags of ice. We will have good drinking water at all dead zones and at other stations around the battle field. We will be trucking in potable water this year. We will have several buffalo trucks at dead zones, along with many other options for water on the battlefield. We still highly recommend carrying some sort of water container, such as a camel back, or canteen(s).

Facility Questions

Can I reserve a camping site?

Unfortunately, no. We have over 100 acres to camp on, and it is first come, first choice. There will be plenty of room. You will be assigned an area to camp in when you check in. You will be placed with other players from your unit according the Unit Camping Map.

Is there camping, showers, restrooms, and how much does it cost?

Yes, we have showers and restrooms. Starting in 2007, there is a $2.00 fee to camp. This fee is to offset the cost of trash, water, and to help improve the camping grounds in general. We will also have potable water available for all campers as well. Campers and RV's are welcome in the camping area. Generators are permitted, but we ask you turn them off by 10pm or set up camp in the All-Night Generator Area of the Campground.  Also visit our Camping Page.

Can we have campfires and cook our own food?

Campfires will be allowed with a fire ring, or Coleman stove etc. You can bring food to cook also. You will not be 'required' to eat at the D-Day field. We of course, encourage you to try our vendors & the Cafe D-Day. They will have some great food. Plus, who wants to cook breakfast at 4 am on Saturday morning?

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