Hey everyone! If you haven't seen yet, I got all my photos from 2016 FINALLY posted to my photography page, https://www.facebook.com/CantStaabWontStaab/.

For next year, I'm stepping the photo game up a notch. I intend to hit as many of the scenarios as possible, as well as other memorable events like the Obstacle Course. All photos will be posted to my page, so feel free to like and follow so you can get them as soon as they're ready! (And I promise they'll be up earlier than 11 months later )

In addition to on-field photography, I'm willing to come to your unit area/campsite/other location on the field to do tank and unit photos. I'd prefer to not do this during active combat, since that's what I'd like to be photographing, but if you want a whole shot of all your troops, or some faux-action shots of your tank crew, or something similar (I'm always open to suggestions), please contact me on Facebook to start the dialog. I'll be checking Facebook as much as I can during the event (that rogue 3rd G sometimes graces me with its presence), so even if you don't see this until the event has already started, please don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested. If nothing else, you can always stop by the big black Wetworkz bus and ask for Ben or Melanie, either one of us can come take pictures for you.

All services will be provided for free, but tips are always greatly appreciated.

Full disclosure, I am very new to the photography game, so these won't be anywhere near professional-level photos. I have decent equipment for my level of knowledge, but I won't be Photoshopping battle scenes behind your tanks or anything fancy like that. But I can promise that you'll have a better-than-cell-phone-quality set of photos to remember the 20th anniversary.

So, bottom line, if you'd like a few photos for the memories, please let me know, and we'll work something out next week. I look forward to seeing everyone there!!!